damage severely.

“I’ve always thought that hotel sales managers had the best jobs in hotels. They work bankers hours, and still get to participate greatly in one of the top industries worldwide. Every one of them that I’ve ever encountered was a pleasure to work with, and they seem to escape the horrific burn out suffered by hotel managers and assistant managers.” – a guy named “John”.

The quote above almost knocked me off my chair during an interview recently. “John” had just admitted something about hospitality that is true beyond words.  He was also interviewing me to join his company. I had already admitted to stepping back from my career as a hotel manager to pursue other interests and enjoy life a little bit more than the job had allowed for. He got it! He understood that the job is too demanding, and that the results are disastrous and, in his word, horrific. And, he did not judge me for admitting that I was a victim of this. In fact, he praised my acknowledgment of the situation and my ability to change the circumstances.


I wrote about being burnt out from my job nearly six months ago. In the days and weeks since my life changing decision to walk away, I have wondered frequently, ‘How long will it take me to unwind? To recharge? To be ready to dive halfway back in to a career? I hadn’t realized how severely my overworking had damaged me. Who am I anymore? I don’t recognize me.”

“severely damaged” is one definition of knackered.

What. A. Huge. Word.

But that’s what I WAS. It’s worth admitting and thinking about and working through. And, it’s worth leaving behind. After months of free time, travels, hours and hours and hours of family time, too much sleep and not quite enough runs later, I am happy to say that I no longer feel … knackered.

Thanks, “John”, for your comments!

Thanks, Daily Prompt, for the ideal word for today’s daily writing prompt!

via Daily Prompt: Knackered


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