the messy middle.

Strong leaders thrive or fail in the everyday business situations for which the rules were not written. Our budget might have a limit that prevents us from activating the simplest solution. The Guest may ask for something that we are not technically able to provide or accomplish. The token standout individual on the team may not “fit in” or “fit the image we’re trying to portray” but the skill set is ideal, so we make it work. Or, the bright bubbly personality may have zero experience, but we can train the skill, so we make it happen. This is the messy middle. The space where “black and white” cannot exist. The space for creativity, ethics, morals, a sense of right and wrong, a desire to please, a competitive spirit, and a sense of risk take over the rule book.  It is in this space, the gray space, where leaders rise and fall.

via Daily Prompt: Gray


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