Paint Something.

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine, while listening to my verbal tirade about not knowing what to do with my “unemployed, but by choice” lifestyle, told me to “go paint something.” It struck me that this friend was recommending that I do something hands on and creative. I am not typically seen as a creative type, but even this friend knew that sometimes creativity needs to flow. And, for the record, this comment was made in jest to a degree as this friend knows that I often just paint something.

Happy Easter Sunday! Springtime is officially underway and today we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. New baby animals are running around the world while flowers of all colors are blanketing the landscape. All the local cleaning companies are busily promoting their annual spring cleaning price cuts. It’s a new season, indeed.

I don’t have carpet in my house, or rugs of any kind. I have a dog and no vacuum cleaner and wood floors just make more sense. Here’s the problem….This is my coffee table.


It’s gorgeous and the right height and a style that I like…. it also blends in with the floor. Perfectly.

So, in the spirit of springtime and renewal…. Today’s project:


Step 1: Move coffee table out to the deck.

Step 2: Cover the metal bands with tape to protect them.

Step 3: Sand the table top (so that the paint will stick)

Step 4: Blend together all the white and tan toned paints leftover from all the other house projects until the ideal color is reached. Apply one coat and let dry. Repeat…

Step 5: Final product!


And, another angle….


Now the coffee table matches the fireplace, trim and homemade clock. It also brightens up the room and it stands out from the floor! Mission accomplished!


Happy Easter Sunday and a merry season of springtime and renewal to you and yours! Next up on the DIY home project list…. Stick around to find out!


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