Tuna Steak.

Beef or fish? That’s the response this picture evoked…


To be fair, I enjoy my beef steaks cooked to a medium rare temperature, so the color of the middle of this steak cannot help determine the type of meat from which it is made. Curiously, a “steak” is typically assumed to be made of beef. That is until, of course, it isn’t. For example, at a fancy steak and seafood restaurant:

Waiter: Do you know what you’d like to order?

Me: Yes, may I please have the steak.

Waiter: Well, which type?

Me: Uh, mmm, well…A beef steak?

NO. That’s not what happens! We assume a steak is beef. And, I have no idea why. But, I digress!

I’ve started cooking again, and this is to be a food-y post, so let me get back on track!

Pictured above is an ahi tuna steak, grilled to medium rare and seasoned with black pepper and fresh lemon with a dash of sea salt on the top. The mixed greens below were lightly tossed in EVOO and fresh lemon zest. Light, fresh, tangy, full of protein and delicious!

This is a quick hearty meal perfect for spring or summer, and thanks to a deal at the grocery store, the entire meal cost less than $7.00. That’s hard to beat!



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