Blown Away

The grey skies that cloud and consume my memories of living in Michigan were brightened during a recent midwinter trip. The blues, purples and yellows that painted the sun setting sky at the end of this March day provided, as they so often do, a peaceful reminder that tomorrow is not promised, and this life is temporary. Photographs of our loved ones and pictures of God’s incredible world allow us to remember a specific moment in the midst of this thing we call life. The magic of a camera!

Pictures never tell the entire story. For example, this picture cannot tell you that it was barely 26 degrees, or that the winds were blowing at more than 35mph. The camera lens only shows what it can see, and all other human senses are ignored. Snapshots allow the viewer to transpose individual feelings, memories and dreams into the vista…

 IMG_8315 Lake Michigan – March 2017 – Copyright fotosbyFirenze

For me, fewer things provide as much peace, hope and serenity as watching a day fade away with the painting of the sky. Despite nearly being blown backwards over the sand dune, this snap shot was a fitting end to a beautiful day.

I once heard that a “year is made up of 12 chapters”. Well, life also has chapters – childhood, college, decade to decade, careers, etc.- and during this current chapter of life, I hope to see and capture many, many more sunsets and to simultaneously combine new snapshots and memories with those of the past.


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