Chicken & Peas

Planning is not often a part of cooking in my kitchen. I tend to open the fridge and scan over items on the shelves looking for ideas. Some nights it takes a while to decide what to make and other nights it all falls together rather quickly. Tonight was the latter. Open fridge. See chicken. Great. Chicken it is.

In a medium sized bowl, I added one tablespoon of East Nashville Spice Company’s all purpose original seasoning blend, and one tablespoon of their Heat blend. Then I poured in a good sized splash of EVOO, unwrapped the chicken breast and tossed it into the bowl. Once the chicken had a chance to soak up the delicious spicy herbs, I sautéed the chicken breast in a hot skillet and then finished it by broiling it in the oven. Right before the pan went in the oven, I added one half cup coconut water to the pan. This added necessary liquid without creating too watery of a sauce. About 15 minutes later… Dinner was ready!

Shout out to the East Nashville Spice Company- visit them at for creating a wonderfully delicious blend of spices without adding any unnatural ingredients or additives. Ya’ll even included Sea Salt instead of sodium bi-you really shouldn’t eat this-carbonate.

Juicy, spicy and tender chicken breast served on a bed of green peas… Let’s eat!

Chicken & Peas
Chicken & Peas

New Year. New Project.

A train station in Europe, that is where it all started. Laying castaway and forgotten, too old and discolored to still be used was a large blue metal sign with one simple word on it: Firenze.

Welcome to Florence, Italy. Home of the largest fresh food market I have seen. Multiple stories of organic, hand raised fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses. Here, food was simple. It was fresh. Food was food.

Back home in the good ole’ USA, food has become a product. A can of diced tomatoes has 7 ingredients and only one is actually food. Loaves of bread have such a long ingredient list that mold begins to grow before Google has answered all of your questions regarding this acid and that phosphate. What happened to food? Carrots, lemons, asparagus, chicken, and tomatoes…

Named from a sign on a train platform in a language I do not speak, and taken after my maternal grandmothers first name, welcome to byFirenze. A place where my passion for food- real, fresh, natural food- comes into contact with a joy of cooking and preparing meals. An online, shareable place for my sarcasm, opinions, ideas and thoughts. A new project with an unwritten ending, or even direction for that matter. Feel free to stop by and check in on the latest home cooked dinners and Sunday morning brunches, snapshots of life in Nashville, TN., and whatever other creative ramblings manage to find there way here.

And,  before I end this first post. Let it be known that a brother and an Uncle can live 1000 miles away and propose a similar idea within days of each other.. “Start a blog!” they said. So, here it is.

Welcome to byFirenze, and thanks for joining me in a New Year in this New Project.